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Corsica: Credit Agricole spared?

Ten years of education, a financial hub specially created court of Bastia, 40 indicted, two prefects, a record of nearly 100 volumes and … a big flop. In his written indictment of 24 November, the prosecutor of Bastia demanded a general dismissal in the judicial investigation on Credit Agricole and misuse of state subsidies.

Allotment. Launched after the assassination of Prefect Erignac in 1998 as part of “Operation Clean Hands”, the case seemed overwhelming to start: Credit Agricole gave loans to farmers who never paid back, waiting for the State cleans the slate. True or false farmers truquaient their statements, and some loans had nothing to do with agriculture: a bought racehorses, the other cars, the third built a subdivision. The state approved uncontrolled squandering of public funds in the name of “social peace” (dearly) gained. “[People from agricultural unionism] told me that the returnees from Algeria were sponges, and we should be, too, said a farmer continued. So I stopped to pay, [if] I would not have the right to total obliteration “He added.” At the time, when there was a bomb in Corsica, measures were taken in Paris “Give them four under and there will be a bomb.” “another farmer told:” responsible Credit Agricole incited farmers, calling home for a loan, which they would never be to repay […]. All held the same language: do not pay the installments because it was going to be debt forgiveness “All with the approval of the prefects, as noted by a farmer.” When a perfect gave me something I thought it was acquired. If it’s not legal, I wonder why I have benefited from these measures. ”

Two prefects were prosecuted for fraud to the detriment of the state. But for the floor, they do not exist: the “undue excesses and aids” result of “faulty investigation of cases” and practice prefects who parted circular, but “with the agreement of Minister of Agriculture. ” As the government covered, non-places are required. Henry Reeve Hurand indicated during the investigation: “We can now consider that this aid was not consistent with what should be the policy in Corsica, but I think that this assessment is not within the legal debate. “as for Credit Agricole, its regional office in deficit,” it does despoil by providing loans to clients to pay off other loans, “said the prosecutor. While some loans “are false.” But the prosecutor goes the towel.

“Posturing.” With this indictment, the judge will close or not the case. For Mr. Jean-Michel Mariaggi, lawyer of an accused, “nobody knew anything that was done, it was to preserve the agricultural sector at all costs, in a pattern that would find elsewhere in France”. Plaintiff for Crédit Agricole, Mr. Ralph Boussier denounces this issue of “posturing” which mixed the judiciary and politics, partly to accredit the “farm track” in the investigation into the assassination of Prefect Erignac, that is incorrect.